Welcome to Yamanashi English Teachers International

About YETI

YETI, as an organisation aims to help the foreign community living here in Yamanashi. We are made up of mainly teachers and we exist to provide a social network for you to tap into. We are also here to aid with anything you need help with before, during and after your stay in Yamanashi.

We organise events year-round from parties, pub quizzes and ski trips through to rambles in our glorious countryside. They are a great opportunity to meet and make friends with both old and new faces. We also provide a monthly newsletter which you will receive from our Secretary, Cassie.

Finally, you can become a YETI member for 3,000 yen a year. It is optional and you can still attend events without a membership. However, it does entitle you to discounts at events and will more than pay for itself it you attend a few. You also get a cool card! We hope that you enjoy what YETI offers you and hopefully we will see you at all of our events!

Meet Your Council

President: Jack Brennan

When I was but a wee bab, a postman once told me, “One day, you’re going to be the president of an amazing collective of lifeforms from all over the world! There will be parties, quizzes, prizes, karaoke, excessive eating and drinking, you name it! Oh and it will be in Japan, lmao.” As my mother asked him to please get off the roof of our car, I realized that I must fulfill this prophecy or risk never receiving mail ever again.

So I come before you today, not as a wee bab, but as a partially-grown man-bab YETI Council President, who would love nothing more than to do his best in providing his fellow Yamanashi inhabitants with the events and home-away-from-home community they deserve. I really do believe that YETI is something special. It has been a huge help to my own adjustment and sense of belonging in Japan. It’s important to me to be able to provide that for other people.

In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, bouldering, hiking, trying to learn kanji and hitting dingers at the batting cages.

Jack Brennan

Secretary: Cassie Nutt

Hello! My name is Cassie Nutt, and I’m the YETI secretary. First I want to say congratulations on getting placed in the best prefecture in Japan! Yamanashi has beautiful scenery, amazing festivals, fabulous food, and sooooo much wonderful alcohol!! But the best part is getting to be part of an amazing group of people, who get to do all kinds of awesome stuff with YETI!

Now for my introduction! I’m from Kentucky, and I currently live in Hokuto with my pet rabbit Cinnamon. I am just now starting my second year as a junior high ALT. My hobbies include eating, sleeping, UFO catchers, and drinking wine. I’m sorry I couldn’t come see you in Tokyo; I broke my leg recently so I can’t really travel… I hope I can see you at one of the many YETI events or alcohol related festivals! Until then I hope you can relax, enjoy Yamanashi’s splendor, and have a great time at your schools!

Cassie Nutt

Treasurer: Laura Huff

Nestled on a mountain in the far northern region of Yamanashi lies a house and within that house usually lies me, Laura Huff, 2nd year Treasurer and Keeper of the YETI Gold Hoard. To find me, you must journey across the Burning Basin, up the Mountains of Steepness, and through the Forest of Where the Hell Am I Again? Either that or find me at a YETI event, taking everyone’s money. I’ll be the blur in a bright colored cardigan who interrupts your conversation to shake you down for some yennies.

Now a bit about me: I’m from Kentucky (why yes, we do control half of YETI), and I live in Hokuto City where all of the good dairy products are from. I’m a third year ALT who loves going to the one movie theatre in Yamanashi (Aeon Mall, btw), watching K-dramas or J-dramas or A-Z dramas, baking delicious treats that will change your freaking life, and karaoke. No joke, I just really like karaoke.

I’m so excited to welcome you all to this awesome ken we call home and hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Laura Huff

Webmaster: Duke Jonkers

It was a dark and stormy, South African night; the smell of home cooking swept up the nostrils of the boy, fiercely agitating the flames of hunger that was burning inside him. There was a knock at the door, but who could it be? No one was expected; no meeting was set. At the door stood a man, with his beard in his hand. "Opp'tunity's the name. Follow me if you can." In the house the boy ran, and said his goodbyes. He's off to find the land, from whence the sun rise.

That's how he found himself here, with hope in his eyes and a chin full of beard. Trying to be a man, and a boy no more.

Duke is the Webmaster. He will take care of all the internet-related business. Duke will answer any and all questions you may or may not have. Feel free to contact him.

Duke Jonkers

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