Welcome to Yamanashi English Teachers International

About YETI

YETI, as an organisation aims to help the foreign community living here in Yamanashi. We are made up of mainly teachers and we exist to provide a social network for you to tap into. We are also here to aid with anything you need help with before, during and after your stay in Yamanashi.

We organise events year-round from parties, pub quizzes and ski trips through to rambles in our glorious countryside. They are a great opportunity to meet and make friends with both old and new faces. We also provide a monthly newsletter which you will receive from our Secretary, Lauren.

Finally, you can become a YETI member for 3,000 yen a year. It is optional and you can still attend events without a membership. However, it does entitle you to discounts at events and will more than pay for itself it you attend a few. You also get a cool card! We hope that you enjoy what YETI offers you and hopefully we will see you at all of our events!

Meet Your Council

President: Ryan Brookwell

Ryan Brookwell

Hello everyone! My name is Ryan Brookwell and I will be your Supreme Overload for the coming year. My hobbies include but are not limited to: Soccer, music, video games, whiskey, driving, and training miniature humans. Generally not at the same time, but sometimes I play Rocket League.

I was born and raised in the Great White North, hatched from my igloo in 1992. Then, 24 years later, I was in the middle of an Arctic spirit quest practicing my Moose-mounted icefishing when suddenly a thought occurred: You know what’s cool? I am. Most days. You know what else is cool? Japan. Most days. So, I willed myself to spontaneously materialize in THE NASH two years ago.

The past YETI council did an amazing job last year and I had an absolute blast. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to [SUBJUGATE THE HUMANS] –, I mean, provide a positive experience for everyone this year, and I hope everyone else is just as [OBEDIENT]— enthusiastic. Without YETI I wouldn’t have made all the amazing friends I have, and probably would have been in my human dwelling day in and day out. The events are just plain good old-fashioned entertainment, and it’s fun to have random tasks and events to break the 40-hour work week mold.

In short, I’m a bundle of energy that’s excited to pass it on to the public! I hope to see you at all the events this year!


Webmaster: Joshua Evans

Josh Evans

HELLO! My name is Josh! I’m from Liverpool. I play DnD and go rock climbing. I wear blue. And, I have a slow cooker. よろしくお願いします。

You may have noticed the above as an introduction courtesy of the lovely Belen. If you did, congratulations! Otherwise, then just know it’s all true xD. There’s more to the picture of Josh, but you will (or won’t) find out in time! But for now here's an answer to a random question from me:

What is your favorite type of pasta and why?

"Linguini is clearly the most superior form of pasta. It can be cooked al dente or regularly and still taste great. It has the length of regular spaghetti, but the girth necessary to enjoy a good chew. Simple really."

Treasurer: Laura Huff

Laura Huff

Nestled on a mountain in the far northern region of Yamanashi lies a house and within that house usually lies me, Laura Huff, 2nd year Treasurer and Keeper of the YETI Gold Hoard. To find me, you must journey across the Burning Basin, up the Mountains of Steepness, and through the Forest of Where the Hell Am I Again? Either that or find me at a YETI event, taking everyone’s money. I’ll be the blur in a bright colored cardigan who interrupts your conversation to shake you down for some yennies.

Now a bit about me: I’m from Kentucky (why yes, we do control half of YETI), and I live in Hokuto City where all of the good dairy products are from. I’m a third year ALT who loves going to the one movie theatre in Yamanashi (Aeon Mall, btw), watching K-dramas or J-dramas or A-Z dramas, baking delicious treats that will change your freaking life, and karaoke. No joke, I just really like karaoke.

I’m so excited to welcome you all to this awesome ken we call home and hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Secretary: Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole

I am a hermit that lives up by the legendary Mount Dai-bo-(please don’t actually) killyourself of Koshu City. If you need to reach me, please send me smoke signals in the usual 5-7-5 format and I’ll be sure to get back to you upon my descent from whatever mountain it is I’m traversing. I look forward to hanging out with you all at YETI events in the coming months! I've been practicing my least-threatening smile and am open to constructive criticism on my technique. Looking forward to getting to know you!

This is Lauren, by the way.

First Year Rep: Jennifer Basco

Jennifer Basco

Jennifer hails from the only state which can boast four corners and an official height over 1 mile, the fantastic beautiful COLORADO. Shes a jack (jackess?) of many trades but a master of one: old man jokes. ふとんがふっとんだ!JK, she's not a master of that either, still in training. She's known by many names including Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, J, and eventually she may be known as the artist formally known as a name which started with J. Hobbies include overworking, dreaming of sleeping, playing No Man's Sky to relax, playing air guitar while also reminiscing about the feeling of a real guitar, and walking 30km in a day for fun. Yes. For fun. She thinks Yamanashi is great and works every day to convince the nihonjin that she is not, in fact a gaijin, but just some oddly, temporarily misplaced nihonjin who found her way back home.

On a more serious note, as the 1st year rep (and just a friendly person), she welcomes any and all messages to say hello or lament or share the woes and joys of ALTness in jest or seriousness. It's a rough job coming out to a foreign country on your own to walk this path. So don't be a hermit! Say hello! Ask her out for coffee and she'll make it happen.

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