Welcome to Yamanashi English Teachers International

About YETI

YETI, as an organisation aims to help the foreign community living here in Yamanashi. We are made up of mainly teachers and we exist to provide a social network for you to tap into. We are also here to aid with anything you need help with before, during and after your stay in Yamanashi.

We organise events year-round from parties, pub quizzes and ski trips through to rambles in our glorious countryside. They are a great opportunity to meet and make friends with both old and new faces. We also provide a monthly newsletter which you will receive from our Secretary, Lauren.

Finally, you can become a YETI member for 3,000 yen a year. It is optional and you can still attend events without a membership. However, it does entitle you to discounts at events and will more than pay for itself it you attend a few. You also get a cool card! We hope that you enjoy what YETI offers you and hopefully we will see you at all of our events!

Meet Your Council

President: Jennifer Basco

Jennifer Basco

Hi guys, I’m Jen. You can call me almost anything starting with a J and I seem to respond. I’m from the wonderfully squarey state of Colorado in the US of A, famous for beer, hiking, biking, the Rocky Mountains, chiles/chile, and Frozen Dead Guy Days. Actually that last one’s not so famous, but I’m sure you’re curious, so please go google it.

I’ve been chillin’ in the Nash myself since 2017, happy resident of Ichikawadaimon - home of the best fireworks show in the region! We’re also famous for fireworks production… The American ingrained fear of loud bangs has finally worn off, and I’m comforted by the sound of explosions in my neighborhood, knowing that probably everyone is just fine. Probably.

My hobbies include photography, Shorinji Kempo, listening to hour-long Alan Watts lectures, watching my husband play video games, and pretending to be a Japanese person to unsuspecting Japanese people. But also we do a lot of local/regional travel. :) I’m happy to be your president, and welcome any and all questions as you settle into Japan.

Treasurer: Will Rogers

Will Rogers

Hey y’all, I’m Will Rogers, your current YETI treasurer. I’m a witty Virginian hailing from the somewhat Yamanashi-esque county of Albemarle. I’m currently putting my degree in chemistry to good use by teaching English in the charming city of Nirasaki, home of Kura Sushi. I’m a second-year ALT whose hobbies include eating, sleeping, watching video essays, ingesting copious amounts of coffee, and praying for comfortable weather.

Secretary: Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole

I am a hermit that lives up by the legendary Mount Dai-bo-(please don’t actually) killyourself of Koshu City. If you need to reach me, please send me smoke signals in the usual 5-7-5 format and I’ll be sure to get back to you upon my descent from whatever mountain it is I’m traversing. I look forward to hanging out with you all at YETI events in the coming months! I've been practicing my least-threatening smile and am open to constructive criticism on my technique. Looking forward to getting to know you!

This is Lauren, by the way.

Outreach: Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn Smith

Hey guys! I’m Kaitlyn Smith, your YETI outreach master, and master of all delicious restaurant recommendations in Yamanashi. I’m originally from the great land of Wisconsin and I’ve been living in Yamanashi for about 4 years now as a direct hire for the Koshu board of education. I really love Yamanashi and I love showing new people around the area and introducing them to new places and of course new restaurants.

First Year Rep: Leslie Crafton

Leslie Crafton

Hello! Leslie hails from the Southern United States, she travels eagerly and consumes beer regularly. Always seeking a good conversation and a new place to find cheese dogs.

Hobbies include sleeping, dog loving, plant collecting (hoarding?), falling down staircases, sandwich crafting, playing video games until 2am, and trying to get anyone to talk to me about Lord of the Rings.

As first year rep (spy), I’m here for you to question and whine too. I encourage any comments, suggestions, pleas, conversations about Lord of the Rings, or concerns thrown my way and I’ll relay it to the YETI council I’ve infiltrated for the 2019-20 year. I love my Yamanashi community and want to help make everyone’s time here the best it can be. Message me on Facebook anytime, email me, or find me in person. I always have time for you.

Webmaster: Sara Wells

Sara Wells

May or may not exist. Further research required. Contact us with any leads.                                                                           

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