Welcome to Yamanashi English Teachers International

About YETI

YETI, as an organisation aims to help the foreign community living here in Yamanashi. We are made up of mainly teachers and we exist to provide a social network for you to tap into. We are also here to aid with anything you need help with before, during and after your stay in Yamanashi.

We organise events year-round from parties, pub quizzes and ski trips through to rambles in our glorious countryside. They are a great opportunity to meet and make friends with both old and new faces. We also provide a monthly newsletter which you will receive from our Secretary, Josh.

Finally, you can become a YETI member for 3,000 yen a year. It is optional and you can still attend events without a membership. However, it does entitle you to discounts at events and will more than pay for itself it you attend a few. You also get a cool card! We hope that you enjoy what YETI offers you and hopefully we will see you at all of our events!

Meet Your Council

YETI Council Members
YETI Council Members

Pictured here is the YETI Council for the 2016-2017 year!
From left to right: Anya, Josh, Vivian, Laura

President: Anya Destiney

Hi I'm Anya, I'm from the rainy land of the UK. I came to Japan three years ago and I live in the basin of the Nash. Before coming here, like many I'm sure, I had never heard of Yamanashi but now I soon fell in love with it and happy to call it home. I like hiking, writing, karaoke, the theatre, trekking off the beaten path and the traditional Japanese arts. I'm looking forward to being YETI president this year and can't wait to get stuck in.

Secretary: Josh Anthony

Josh grew up in New England. They call many places home. They enjoy those things you've come to expect from such a person. They don't really like the beach. Josh lives in Tsuru-shi, a rock kick, jump-skip, back-flip from Fujiyoshida. He climbed Fujisan one time and felt so changed that they felt completely unchanged, something they call a change 360 in psychology. Their bank didn't notice when Josh started signing their checks with DANKMEMES.

Treasurer: Laura Huff

Hey, guys! I'm Laura, your YETI Treasurer for the year. That means whenever you show up to events, I will take your money. We'll be great friends. I'm from Kentucky where I majored in English with dreams of becoming a world-famous author...now I'm in Japan teaching that English to baby cupcakes. In my spare time, I love to exploring this awesome prefecture we call home, trying out seasonal snacks and drinks at the conbini, subbing Japanese dramas, and enjoying the peace and quiet of my mountain in Kiyosato. I want to make friends with ALL of you, so please message me. Message me like CRAZY.

First Year Rep and Webmaster: Vivian Leung

Hi, my name is Vivian and I am this year’s Webmaster and first year representative! I hail from the state of Florida and now live in Fuefuki-shi. My favorite food is pan fried noodles, but favorite dessert is definitely a good macaron. Not just any macaron, but a fancy French patisserie macaron. Things I like about Japan are: the fancy toilets, trains, conbini, onsen, and awesome stationary. My preferred pen size is a 0.38. Frixion all the way! My hobbies include: anime (especially CardCaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon), kyudo, and cooking when I have the time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything!

Need to contact us? Drop us an email at spaghetti.yamamama@gmail.com or find us on Facebook! "