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Buses can be a surprisingly efficient way to travel in Yamanashi. Finding information on routes and times can be difficult, so please feel free to add to this page if you have more information.

Local Buses

Fujikyuu Bus

The Fujikyuu Group (富士急行) is who runs local bus service throughout Yamanashi. Please visit their website (Japanese only) for destinations and timetables.

These buses accept Suica and IC cards as well as cash.

Enzan <-> Daibosatsu

There is a bus that runs between Enzan Station and the trailhead of Mt. Daibosatsu. The fare is a flat 300 yen, no matter where you get on or off the bus. The trip from the station to the trailhead lasts roughly 30 minutes. Click here for the schedule (Japanese).

Regional Express

Highway & Overnight Buses

You can book highway buses online through this website (Japanese) or in your local convenience store. You can go to many destinations throughout Japan. Buses leave from many different regions of Yamanashi, including Minobu, Minami Alps, Fujiyoshida, Kofu, and Ichinomiya.

Willer is one company that operates highway and overnight buses all through Honshu. This can be a very affordable way to travel long distances conveniently. You can reserve seats on their website. (English)

You also may use Kintetsu Bus to book.

Purchasing Express Bus Tickets

If you would like to book online you need have to have a good handle of the Japanese language and in most cases a credit card. If you would like to purchase your tickets at your local convenience store take a look at the guides below.