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It's no secret that you can get bored in Yamanashi... Lucky for you that you can just go outside! Check out our favorite ways to keep fit and have fun!


Yamanashi is probably most famous for it's nature. Most trails in Japan feature mountainous terrain. These trails are usually most accessible during the summer and early fall, however with the right equipment many hikes can be done year-round.

Be aware that there are potentially dangerous wild animals such as boars and bears in Yamanashi, as well as some hunters. Bright colors and bear bells (small cowbells sold at most outdoors stores) are recommended while hiking.

Please tell us about your favorite hikes and send any info you have to someone on the YETI Team and it will get posted here.

  • Daibosatsu (Daibosatsurei/だいぼさつれい/大菩薩嶺)


Gym Climbing

Pirania has two gyms in Yamanashi, one in Isawa and one in Fujiyoshida.

There is also a gym named Ten (天) near Higashihanawa Station.

Finally, Kosei Sports Park has a climbing tower.

Outdoor Climbing

Some bouldering can be done in Hayakawa. See the town wiki page for more details.

There are a few popular trad routes north of Kofu.

Popular locations outside of Yamanashi include Ogawayama in Nagano (bouldering, sport, trad) and deep-water soloing in Shizuoka.


Yamanashi has several gyms for exercising. One chain is Blue Earth which has a few locations. There is also Holiday by Kofu Station, and Nakadate also in Kofu.