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Kofu Station

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__SHOWFACTBOX__ {{#set: Name=Kofu Station |Designation=Eki |Station Type=Manned |Prefecture=Yamanashi |Located in: Kofu |Line=Minobu Line |Line=Chuo Line |Parking=Free |Parking=Paid |Amenities=McDonald's |Amenities=Shopping }}

Kofu Station the transfer point between the Chuo Line and the Minobu Line. It is in Kofu.


Kofu Station is the main station in the Kofu Basin. It is centrally located and many shops, restaurants, and apartments are within walking distance. There are media, food, and clothing stores inside of the station and a McDonald's and Starbuck's just outside.


There is a free short-term parking lot outside of Kofu Station. The lot is monitored and warnings will be placed on your car if it remains there past the time limit. There are also many paid lots in the area, but generally the closer to the station they are the more expensive they will be.