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Requested Articles

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This page is to organize requested articles and pages that we feel need to be added to the YETIwiki. If you want to help out, focus on these articles first!

Location Guides

  • Pretty much everywhere but Hayakawa needs more info (meanwhile, Hayakawa needs more stuff IRL -Mike)


  • Ski Trip Info
  • More Local Events
  • More information - including links - for existing events


  • Expressway Information
  • Bus Routes
  • Bicycle Paths
  • Highway/Local Road Information


  • Shopping Locations (Malls, shopping strips, arcades, etc.)
  • Movie Theatres
  • Museums
  • Game Centers
  • Amusement Parks (Fuji Q)
  • Gym Information

School Life

  • Being Respectful (Punctuality, bowing, introductions, business cards)
  • The Japanese School Year (trimesters, April - March, etc.)

Daily Life

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Adjusting to the Metric System (really?!? -Mike)
  • Food & Drink (maybe discussion of vegan/vegetarianism, allergies, food sanitation differences as well as how to find necessities in the store)
  • Restaurant Etiquette (Be quiet if it's not an izakaya, don't tip, don't expect American service... -Mike)
  • Banking and Remittance
  • Internet Shopping

Around the House

  • Setting Up Utilities
  • The Kitchen (bugs suck - sorry Ben)
  • The Bathroom (how to heat your bath, what else?)
  • Living and Sleeping areas (taking care of tatami, shoji, futon)
  • Appliances and Furnishings
  • Cleaning


  • Tax Guide
  • Driving Guide
  • Vehicle Purchase & Maintenance Guide
  • Clean up the Japanese Guides