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Yatsushiro-cho and Sakaigawa-cho

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Yatsushiro-cho, Fuefuki, Yamanashi (八代町) and Sakaigawa-cho, Fuefuki, Yamanashi (境川町)are towns in the south-west of Fuefuki. Prior to the creation of Fuefuki in 2004, each of the six towns (also including Isawa-cho, Misaka-cho, Ichinomiya-cho, and Kasugai-cho) were autonomous.

Yatsushiro Furusato Park


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These areas are not accessible by Train.

Eating and Drinking

There is a 'cute' restaurant in Sakaigawa on the way to Kotaro’s called Yume Oi Hito 夢追い人. The food is pretty good, and they serve the dishes in adorable collectable dishware and have charming décor.


Yatsushiro Furosato Park has some ancient burial mounds and a fun playground with a long roller-slide and a pirate ship. The park offers a nice expansive view of the basin, and is also a great place for Hanami in the spring. There are hundreds of Sakura throughout the park, including some very large ones that are famous locally.

Along with Misaka-cho and the rest of the southern basin, they are currently building the Linear Train through Yatsushiro-cho and Sakaigawa-cho, so keep an eye out for construction sites and the large dump trucks that barrel through the area.


There are two Archery ranges in Yatsushiro: One bordering Misaka-cho (Google Maps Coordinate: 35.611805,138.668414) and one up the mountain along route 36 (Towards Wakahiko Tunnel). Both Sakaigawa and Yatsushiro have Country Clubs with Golf courses.


The main grocery store in the area is the Selva. Next door there is also a drug store and a useful place called Family Value that sells clothes, seasonal and household goods, and some simple stationary and drugstore items. There is also a farmers market nearby that has locally grown fruits, veggies, and a few local handmade specialties.