About YETI

Our Purpose

Started in the early 2000’s, YETI first started as local organization serving the ALT community but has since grown into a large organization encompassing many different fields and professions. We welcome anyone living within the Yamanashi area that is looking for friends and connections.

We organise events year-round from parties, pub quizzes and ski trips through to rambles in our glorious countryside. They are a great opportunity to meet and make friends with both old and new faces. Our organization is primarily active on Facebook, so if you have any questions or are interested please check it out!

Meet your Council!


[email protected]

Ben Tracy

"Hey y’all! My name is Ben Tracy and I am your secretary. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee but I have been living in Yamanashi for 2 years now! My hobbies are studying languages, traveling and trying all the interesting food Japan has to offer! I am also down to go to cat cafes or watch baseball. I live in the city of Uenohara so if you are ever in eastern Yamanashi, give me a shout!"


[email protected]

Kristen Mack

"Hello! My name is Kristen Mack and I am your friendly neighborhood Outreach Person! I’m the person that you’ll probably see posting a lot on the YETI Facebook group. I’m 25 years old and I am from Pennsylvania, America. I like to meet new people and make friends but I’m very awkward :D I love to travel and try new things. ... I eventually want to go backpacking around many countries and travel across the U.S. in a van with my future van cat. I like memes, so please feel free to send me memes or pictures of cute animals. I also like to read, sing karaoke, play Super Smash Brothers, and watch Netflix/Youtube. I’m a pretty chill girl that’s down for anything. Let’s be friends!"